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Hello there! I am Maisurah Mazhar; 20 years old in 2012. I am wannabe Chef / Entrepreneur. I'm a simple person with a simple life. I just want to thanks to Allah the almighty because give me life to live in this earth. Last but not least, thanks to people who love me and caring for me. Nice to meet you :)


Dear Allah, I don't know your plan for me and at times it can be scary. But I know you have a purpose for me and everything I am going through is for good reason. insyaAllah. Islam is my way of life.


Let your words be few, and your exposures many. Life is like photography, we develop from the negatives.

Food and culinary arts

Variety's the very spice of life that gives it all its flavor. Food taste better when you eat it with your family. Good food, good life.


friendship means understanding, not agreement. It means forgiveness, not forgetting. It means the memories last, even if contact is lost. Relationship because of Allah feels pure and sincere.

17 June 2013

The concept of relationship with Allah & Relationships among human


The concept of relationship with Allah & Relationships among human

What is hablumminallah and hablumminannas? It is a question of man's relationship with Allah (hablumminallah) and human relationships with other humans (hablumminannas).

Further clarification of this concepts:

1) Man's relationship with Allah is a priority.

2) However, Allah also created man to love each other, even though the love of man to Allah is a priority, but the relationship of man to man can not be forgotten.

3) The Prophet's had to answer questions of His companions about the concepts of hablumminallah and hablumminannas, the Prophet used to say more or less like this, ("although I am a messenger of Allah, but I'm also a father and husband" reference: Ustaz TV9)

4) Man's relationship with human beings which leads to the love of Allah is the best relationship

5) Man can not live alone on this earth as human beings need each other.

The conclusion here that, man's relationship with Allah is our Priority or preference, but must not be forgotten relationships with other people, because man is created to need each other. Build up human relations which leads to piety (taqwa) and love of Allah in the face of trials and tribulations in this world.

To be continued more about this topics.

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16 June 2013

All About Cats Festival at Seri Pajam Seremban with House Show Units

lama tak update blog. hehe, hari ini kami sekeluarga pergi seremban cuma nak tengok cats festival. lagi pun kat sana ada jual rumah baru. tempat tu baru nak naik. banyak rumah yang cantik dan mewah boleh dilihat. show unit untuk tengok masuk pun ada. dan memang awesome!
Ni ada gambar yang sempat saya rakam menggunakan HP, enjoy ;)

Show unit (mini house)


Cats festival (ada pertandingan sekali) comel je kucing ni.. hehe

lidah kucing ni macam anjing.. hehe

kucing yang tak mesra, suka marah orang..huh

kucing muka penyek.. comeeeyy

kucing ni malas nak layan orang..ahaha

kucing ni besar! dua sangkar digabungkan khas untuk dia :D

kucing besar muka penyek..hehe

kucing ni nak pegang kamera sy :p

kucing baring. baring je kerja nya

muka penyek!! :p

anggun tak? hehe, kucing ni cuba nak posing sebenarnya :p

kucing ni macam takut dengan orang.. kesian dia

kucing paling sy suka.. comel + aktif.. tapi susah nak tangkap gambar muka dia.. asyik lari je

rumah Topaz (bungalow)

Topaz (bungalow)

inside topaz (bungalow) dining room

inside topaz (bungalow)

inside topaz (bungalow) room

inside topaz (bungalow) room

inside topaz (bungalow) stairs second floor

Topaz Bungalow Show unit panorama view
Kalau rasa nak beli rumah ni, atau nak lebih maklumat, boleh tekan link disini
Seri Pajam Development sdn bhd 

Ok lah, itu sahaja yang nak dikongsi untuk hari ni. terima kasih daun keladi, semoga berjumpa lagi. InsyaAllah :D

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12 June 2013

#3 Lessons from the true story - PRICE OF AN HONESTY



"Is it true?" Asked me.

"Yes father. He promised to wait in this store, "said my son.

"If indeed it was a great lady. Crash two days ago, today promised to meet us to fix the damaged car, "I said.

Two days ago my son's car being hit by a car driven by an elderly lady. That lady is fault, for 'reverse' back without look back. So according to my son. As a result, two of my son's car headlights broken. Mistress promises to replace at a shop that determine themselves. She was already familiar in the store. My son just got a license, very naive with such incidents. Just believed.

Promising 50-50

"If the Chinese lady did not reach, try to call up again," I suggest to the my son.

While my son calling, suddenly, a clean-faced old Chinese lady came from behind then said, "Good morning. Sorry, I'm late. Streets have jammed . Oh, is this your father? Yesterday I said to you do not fear I will explain to your father that I was wrong. "

I laughed. I was Entertained with her affability. We immediately deal. Lights replaced and car dented in the front already repaired. All expenses incurred by the Chinese mistress. It turned out she kept the promise. Imagine, it is not easy because we cannot hoping there was any guarantees, only hope with faith. She really keep the promise. Frankly in my heart infusion, would be nice if she was a Muslim. In silence I pray, may she received the guidance!

P / s: Seems to me, this is not a racial issue. But the issue of the dubious honesty. Wallahua'lam.

Original story was written in Bahasa Malaysia. You can visit the original story website in link given.This story translated by me.

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11 June 2013

#2 Lessons from the true story - Maneuvering with shalawat


All of a sudden, BOOM!, My car was hit from behind. I had to stop at the intersection of a circle. A Malay man out of a luxury car. I guess he was just a driver. There was a master who sat on the left rear. Also a Malay guy.

"Assalamualaikum. Allah humma Salli ala Muhammad ... "said the driver repeatedly while reaching for a shake.

I said Wa'alaikumsalam and then continue shaking hands.

"We just finished the easy way. We are Muslims. "

"Yes. Yes, "I replied while watched my car damage. The luxury car he was driving is not broken anything but my car was a mess. I'm counting, if shipped the damage car to the store no less than rm 500.

"Yes, we make it easy. We only forgive. Just forget it. Furthermore I'm inadvertent. "

"But you violated from behind. This is a negligence. After all, I have my car repair cost for this. "

"Alllhahumma Salli ala Muhammad ... we just forgive."

"Yes. But you must be responsible ... "

The driver went to see his master who was not even out of the car since the accident. Busy reading the newspaper. Yes, he's a high rank person.

"Here sir, take this card and on the phone we deal then. We are the one who fault, God willing we settle it later. Do not forget to call this number ok, "while giving paper that already wrote number phone on it .

By the belief and do not want to inconvenient cars that are lined up behind me, I just receive the paper and passed immediately.

One day, two days, three days and up to a week ... I telephoned the number provided. But there was no answer. Only once there is sound and I stumble upon a rough voice with a foreign language. No more shalawat!

Original story was written in Bahasa Malaysia. You can visit the original story website in link given.This story translated by me.

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10 June 2013

#1 Lessons from the true story - Even after his death


Even after his death - Lessons for the true story

We did not talk long. Just a moment she spends her entry in the diary, perhaps. And I'm waiting for their turn to go visit a sick family member.

"Thank God, now majority Muslim nurse cover themselves," I said to a senior nurse who sat facing me at the waiting area.

"A long journey. A tortuous process, Finally God allow us cover our aurat, "respond with a smile.

"There must be a sweet memories," touched me to turn the conversation on.

"There are. until now still in memory, aspirations and inspiration for me. After all, the test certainly come relentless. Yet I get the strength every time i'm dwelling on it. "

She started to tell a story. Long story. Took place about 30 years ago.

"At that time I was working in a large hospital in a city. At that time I personally still not covering my aurat. At that time women in careerist covering aurat still be prohibited. The society still view with suspicion the law of cover the aurat. "She began to tell.

"One day a woman early or maybe end 20s, what I remember, admitted to the ward where I would be among the staff for a caregiver. Her pain relatively chronic. She were very good, spoke kindly and dissolute. She is best take care of her prayer times and always in cover her aurat. As we know, there are also a guy officers and doctor on duty in the hospital. "

I'm await the story of the privileges that women cover their aurat.

"Often she fainted. Once awake, the first question, is the time came for prayer? Then quickly she will improver the veil which covers her body. she was very comply and concerned with prayer and her aurat. "

"It has been so long she was in the ward. About his attitude that were very concerned the time for prayer and  covering her aurat had become her trade mark and was informed by hospital staff and patients in the ward. Not only Muslims, but also doctors and staff of non-Muslim shall respect the principle of that women. They will be very careful when dealing with it. "

"What about the attitude of the other?" Ask me.

"Her other's demeanor?"

"I mean with her personality besides praying and cover her aurat?"

"She was nice and respectful to all people, regardless of Muslims or non-Muslims. Although she cover her aurat, her appearance were also been guarded. Very good in hygiene and the time. However, her sickness is very serious cancer. Critical level. About 2 months later she died. Day of her death was the most profound impact. "

I was silent. I see his voice began restricted. Her tears began to flow.

"Never thought the morning after Fajr prayer she died. The moment she died her veil which covers her face slightly open because her face is fall besides. Several strands of her hair hanging out. Imagine, a non-Muslim doctor immediately said to my friends and other nurses, quickly closed it, her hair had fallen out! ....

I  was shocked. MasyaAllah.

"Imagine, even non-Muslims respect her principles. As she take care of her aurat during her life quite, so God guard her aurat after death to a non-Muslim and God flick the heart of the non-Muslim to help her to cover her aurat. "

"Since then?"

"Since then, my friends and I were more commitment to cover our aurat. First off all we are only wearing scarft. Gradually increase little by little until reached this kind of covering our aurat by wearing veil. We are very touched by her attitude. "

I smile. That's how impressively preaching through the character and attitude. No need to say much. Not waiting until healthy, people who faith in Allah can still able to preach even sore. Preaching is like roots, soft and hard it can penetrating. Preaching is like water, cannot be blocked, and will find the determination of the direction to continue to flow.

Original story was written in Bahasa Malaysia. You can visit the original story website in link given.This story translated by me.

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09 June 2013



just an ornament.

"Before, my teacher (ustaz) said if we do well definitely rewarded good, but in reality why not? "

I was silent.

"It has been a long time i'm doing a good thing but until now i'm not well rewarded and have no response with my good deed."

I was still silent. I see exhaustion in the face of a middle-aged mother. instead of tired body, but feelings. gloomy expression on his face. Dark eyes sparkle.

"Until when I must to do good?" She said.

"Indefinitely," I replied short.

"How long?" She said with an almost similar question.

"Forever," I replied in the same tone.

"I'm disappointed. Courtesy is not reciprocated, good not remembered."

"By whom?" Ask me.

"My husband and children," She said bluntly.

"Every good deed will rewarded for sure, InsyaAllah" said I slowly.

"Is it true?"

"Yes. Sure. God certainly repay the kindness even as small as particles. That is the promise of God in the Qur'an. Even if your children and your husband does not respond, He certainly responded. Not in the Hereafter, certainly in the world. Or both. "

"If everything rewarded in the afterlife it is not an easy task, right teacher (ustaz)?"

"That faith madam. Believe in God. Believe in Hereafter. God certainly repay the kindness that we do in the hereafter. "

"Is it worth it if only all the good rewarded in the afterlife?"

"It's worth it. In the afterlife, God will reward for every good deed we do and it is better and more lasting. In fact, according to the scholars, if we see multiple benefits that we will enjoy in the afterlife, we would ask that all we have made ​​good in the world will only rewarded in the afterlife. It doesn't matter if we were not be repaid in the world. "

"I'm tired teacher," she said bluntly.

"Making good was exhausting but the rewards are enormous."

"How to do good without feeling tired? I mean, not only tired body but the soul weary teacher? "

"Do it for love and affection, do it because of the love of God," I repeated.

"So I'm tired of doing good for this because expect love from my husband? Because expect love from the kids. "

I nodded slowly. If we do for human beings, expect gain something from them, there's people who will disappoint us. Do not hunt human love. But search for Allah loves, and it would let the follow for human love. That whisper my heart. At that time also I immediately remembered a hadith that I met a long time ago. From Abu Hurairah, the Prophet said, which means: "If Allah loves a servant, He calls Gabriel," Indeed Allah loves that person, so please love it. "Gabriel been loved, and Gabriel urged the people of the sky," Allah loves that person, so please love it. "so the heavens love him, then it gained acceptance in the world."

"But Ustaz, I'm not a good person."

"Madam, we do good not because we have become good people, but that's our effort to be good."

"So Ustaz?"

"Go ahead do well to be a good person." I replied.

"Why our husbands disappoint us?"

"That's a difficult question to answer. The heart of the people is unpredictable. Sometimes we do good, good rewarded. Sometimes we do well but rewarded other hand. Do not rely on people, or we will be disappointed. "

"But Ustaz, her heart was still hoping for something."

"There's no offenses on hope. Yet we are called to pray for getting a good husband. But do not rely solely on the husband to be happy. Rely on God. If the husband turned, God does not. God is always waiting for Him faithful servants to be loved. "

I once wrote about the 'hierarchy' of love. Do not mistakenly put the priority of love. In a major love of the wife is her God, seconds is the Prophet Muhammad, then afterwards her husband's. But now most of the women put the husband as love number one, two and three. As a result, when the husband changed love, all her life considered destroyed. Though she actually still have hope. Love number one and two are always there. always, forever!

The middle-aged wife were pensive. I'm sure his mind began to think, hearts and feelings begin to evaluate and reflect.

"Is there really no people who loves you, madam?" i'm trying to teased her rather long silence.

"Er, a lot of them. My parents are very fond of me. So does my siblings. They have always been on the side of the good and bad times. "

"It also shows that what have you done good in the world has responded. Madam, if you have lost your husband loves, however the love of the parents is still there. Just sometimes we forget. As a result, there is rarely thanked favors, favors that doesn't seen are often people to worry about. Love that was there, we forgotten. Love that does not ever exist that we hunted relentlessly.

"Oh, I forgot. I forgot advantage of my self, ustaz. I just focus on what is not in there. That's why I rarely grateful. "

"In fact, what you already have actually improved and better. Suppose, you are unable get rewards in this world, God willing you may be rewarded in the afterlife. Hereafter is better and everlasting. You are not getting love from your husband madam, but get love of the God. Would not it be good and more valuable? "

"If you can."

"Do not be pessimistic. Thought the good thing madam. God do according to His servants thought. If we thought well, God would give better. "

"I'm not qualified to say that I'm already sincerely myself, Ustaz."

"Anyone will not eligible to claim his sincerity. Sincerity is the secret in the mystery of God. But when asked, are you an honest? You should say with certainty, I was desperately trying to sincerely! "

"People who are trying to sincerely were not happy, ustaz?"

"The sincere way, there is excitement along the way, not just down the road," I said.

"So if I am not happy ustaz?"

"Maybe because you have stop walking ma'am!"

I smiled. Remembered a phrase that was gives aspirations as myself were had the same feeling: Although it is on the right path, but when we stop running, we are hit from behind. Yes, life is like riding a bicycle, as long as you were not stop pedaling there will always moving and we will not fall. Doing good is a forever job, and it is INDIFINITELY.

This story taken from some of my brothers blog. The original story was written in Bahasa Malaysia. This story was translated to English by me. To see the original post, you can access here.
"the good of the grace of God"

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08 June 2013

i love action!

good day everyone! it's happy to see you again. just finish watch movie with my family. and it was so awesome! After Earth so called movie. actor from one family which is will smith and jaden smith. such a good story. but i dont want to review the movie here as it already in other blog or website. and you can easily search it on google. we're living in moden life brothers and sisters ;) just find anything you want to know on the internet.

back to the topic. wake up for subuh prayer, clean the house and eat breakfast. then, go to my father's office mate wedding at Dewan mpaj (i think so). such a nice view there. and the food was very good.

the main door

leave your comments here. wow!

entering the main door 

the dessert side. beautiful! 

mini polka dot cupcakes to serve

marshmallow with chocolate fountain. a good combination!

the family ;)

Then, get ready for the next activity.. movie! but before that, lets have a quick lunch (though, i'm already eat rice at the wedding) but who care. ahaha. just a slice of pizza and passion mint fizz. just to make sure the times fly away fast so that i can watch the movie immediately!

personal pan pizza bbq chicken 

roasted sesame tempura king prawn spaghetti

a slice of personal pizza while drawing ;)

passion mint fizz.. so refreshing! :D

ok, thats all for today. what a relief to know that im done blogging! oh yeah! ;D
and insyaAllah will see you soon. very soon. just wait for me. thanks for come, view and read on my blog. appreciate it a lot! May Allah bless all of you. insyaAllah. allahuakhbar!

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07 June 2013

When solicitation not fulfilled


Greetings to all, happy friday.
I hope that we continue to stay steadfast in
'alter our-self to be better'

Quran 93:11

As to thy Lord,then shalt thou rehearse (and reveal) as a thank Him.

if there is a desire or dream,
but Allah not answered immediately ,

we should not questioned and judge.

is better for us to be grateful,
because Allah didn't punish and doom us immediately,
for every sin that we have done for life ..

Allah is the Most Merciful and Oft-Forgiving.

sometimes we get too worried at the result and outcome,
up forgotten that Allah already take care of it.

May Allah bless us.
InsyaAllah. ameen Allahumma ameen.

the original post is in Bahasa Malaysia, this post translated by me. visit the original post here

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06 June 2013

be in motion at dungun

it has been so long im not visited my own blog. oh my blog! hehe. but today, im gonna post some picture taken at dungun terengganu. enjoy and have a good day everyone ;)

have a lunch. so yummy! (rice, sambal belacan, salted fish)

set of gulai kawah.

one of my best dishes, steamed rice with sambal belacan and deep fried chicken.
so yummy i told ya!

my name were famous at dungun. All places name here, school, homestay, taman, restaurant, and so on was so called SURA :p

keropok sri sura :D

keropok sri sura franchise at dungun..

keropok lekor :D

tea 'o' ice :)

hot tea ;)

giving the cat food (keropok lekor) :3

this cat were trying to be cute with me. awwwhh :D 
and im sorry cat for inadvertent stepping on you.. im sorryy!!

what are you looking at huh?! hehe :p

kampung nelayan (the village of fisherman) so many cat here i bet you

what a nice air! feeling cozy :D

have a breakfast at hotel uitm dungun.. 

hot tea is the best!

good bye dungun terengganu :D

have a nice journey..

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