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06 June 2013

be in motion at dungun

it has been so long im not visited my own blog. oh my blog! hehe. but today, im gonna post some picture taken at dungun terengganu. enjoy and have a good day everyone ;)

have a lunch. so yummy! (rice, sambal belacan, salted fish)

set of gulai kawah.

one of my best dishes, steamed rice with sambal belacan and deep fried chicken.
so yummy i told ya!

my name were famous at dungun. All places name here, school, homestay, taman, restaurant, and so on was so called SURA :p

keropok sri sura :D

keropok sri sura franchise at dungun..

keropok lekor :D

tea 'o' ice :)

hot tea ;)

giving the cat food (keropok lekor) :3

this cat were trying to be cute with me. awwwhh :D 
and im sorry cat for inadvertent stepping on you.. im sorryy!!

what are you looking at huh?! hehe :p

kampung nelayan (the village of fisherman) so many cat here i bet you

what a nice air! feeling cozy :D

have a breakfast at hotel uitm dungun.. 

hot tea is the best!

good bye dungun terengganu :D

have a nice journey..

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