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12 June 2013

#3 Lessons from the true story - PRICE OF AN HONESTY



"Is it true?" Asked me.

"Yes father. He promised to wait in this store, "said my son.

"If indeed it was a great lady. Crash two days ago, today promised to meet us to fix the damaged car, "I said.

Two days ago my son's car being hit by a car driven by an elderly lady. That lady is fault, for 'reverse' back without look back. So according to my son. As a result, two of my son's car headlights broken. Mistress promises to replace at a shop that determine themselves. She was already familiar in the store. My son just got a license, very naive with such incidents. Just believed.

Promising 50-50

"If the Chinese lady did not reach, try to call up again," I suggest to the my son.

While my son calling, suddenly, a clean-faced old Chinese lady came from behind then said, "Good morning. Sorry, I'm late. Streets have jammed . Oh, is this your father? Yesterday I said to you do not fear I will explain to your father that I was wrong. "

I laughed. I was Entertained with her affability. We immediately deal. Lights replaced and car dented in the front already repaired. All expenses incurred by the Chinese mistress. It turned out she kept the promise. Imagine, it is not easy because we cannot hoping there was any guarantees, only hope with faith. She really keep the promise. Frankly in my heart infusion, would be nice if she was a Muslim. In silence I pray, may she received the guidance!

P / s: Seems to me, this is not a racial issue. But the issue of the dubious honesty. Wallahua'lam.

Original story was written in Bahasa Malaysia. You can visit the original story website in link given.This story translated by me.

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