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08 June 2013

i love action!

good day everyone! it's happy to see you again. just finish watch movie with my family. and it was so awesome! After Earth so called movie. actor from one family which is will smith and jaden smith. such a good story. but i dont want to review the movie here as it already in other blog or website. and you can easily search it on google. we're living in moden life brothers and sisters ;) just find anything you want to know on the internet.

back to the topic. wake up for subuh prayer, clean the house and eat breakfast. then, go to my father's office mate wedding at Dewan mpaj (i think so). such a nice view there. and the food was very good.

the main door

leave your comments here. wow!

entering the main door 

the dessert side. beautiful! 

mini polka dot cupcakes to serve

marshmallow with chocolate fountain. a good combination!

the family ;)

Then, get ready for the next activity.. movie! but before that, lets have a quick lunch (though, i'm already eat rice at the wedding) but who care. ahaha. just a slice of pizza and passion mint fizz. just to make sure the times fly away fast so that i can watch the movie immediately!

personal pan pizza bbq chicken 

roasted sesame tempura king prawn spaghetti

a slice of personal pizza while drawing ;)

passion mint fizz.. so refreshing! :D

ok, thats all for today. what a relief to know that im done blogging! oh yeah! ;D
and insyaAllah will see you soon. very soon. just wait for me. thanks for come, view and read on my blog. appreciate it a lot! May Allah bless all of you. insyaAllah. allahuakhbar!

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