#1 Lessons from the true story - Even after his death ~ Mysura's Diary

10 June 2013

#1 Lessons from the true story - Even after his death


Even after his death - Lessons for the true story

We did not talk long. Just a moment she spends her entry in the diary, perhaps. And I'm waiting for their turn to go visit a sick family member.

"Thank God, now majority Muslim nurse cover themselves," I said to a senior nurse who sat facing me at the waiting area.

"A long journey. A tortuous process, Finally God allow us cover our aurat, "respond with a smile.

"There must be a sweet memories," touched me to turn the conversation on.

"There are. until now still in memory, aspirations and inspiration for me. After all, the test certainly come relentless. Yet I get the strength every time i'm dwelling on it. "

She started to tell a story. Long story. Took place about 30 years ago.

"At that time I was working in a large hospital in a city. At that time I personally still not covering my aurat. At that time women in careerist covering aurat still be prohibited. The society still view with suspicion the law of cover the aurat. "She began to tell.

"One day a woman early or maybe end 20s, what I remember, admitted to the ward where I would be among the staff for a caregiver. Her pain relatively chronic. She were very good, spoke kindly and dissolute. She is best take care of her prayer times and always in cover her aurat. As we know, there are also a guy officers and doctor on duty in the hospital. "

I'm await the story of the privileges that women cover their aurat.

"Often she fainted. Once awake, the first question, is the time came for prayer? Then quickly she will improver the veil which covers her body. she was very comply and concerned with prayer and her aurat. "

"It has been so long she was in the ward. About his attitude that were very concerned the time for prayer and  covering her aurat had become her trade mark and was informed by hospital staff and patients in the ward. Not only Muslims, but also doctors and staff of non-Muslim shall respect the principle of that women. They will be very careful when dealing with it. "

"What about the attitude of the other?" Ask me.

"Her other's demeanor?"

"I mean with her personality besides praying and cover her aurat?"

"She was nice and respectful to all people, regardless of Muslims or non-Muslims. Although she cover her aurat, her appearance were also been guarded. Very good in hygiene and the time. However, her sickness is very serious cancer. Critical level. About 2 months later she died. Day of her death was the most profound impact. "

I was silent. I see his voice began restricted. Her tears began to flow.

"Never thought the morning after Fajr prayer she died. The moment she died her veil which covers her face slightly open because her face is fall besides. Several strands of her hair hanging out. Imagine, a non-Muslim doctor immediately said to my friends and other nurses, quickly closed it, her hair had fallen out! ....

I  was shocked. MasyaAllah.

"Imagine, even non-Muslims respect her principles. As she take care of her aurat during her life quite, so God guard her aurat after death to a non-Muslim and God flick the heart of the non-Muslim to help her to cover her aurat. "

"Since then?"

"Since then, my friends and I were more commitment to cover our aurat. First off all we are only wearing scarft. Gradually increase little by little until reached this kind of covering our aurat by wearing veil. We are very touched by her attitude. "

I smile. That's how impressively preaching through the character and attitude. No need to say much. Not waiting until healthy, people who faith in Allah can still able to preach even sore. Preaching is like roots, soft and hard it can penetrating. Preaching is like water, cannot be blocked, and will find the determination of the direction to continue to flow.

Original story was written in Bahasa Malaysia. You can visit the original story website in link given.This story translated by me.

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