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09 June 2013



just an ornament.

"Before, my teacher (ustaz) said if we do well definitely rewarded good, but in reality why not? "

I was silent.

"It has been a long time i'm doing a good thing but until now i'm not well rewarded and have no response with my good deed."

I was still silent. I see exhaustion in the face of a middle-aged mother. instead of tired body, but feelings. gloomy expression on his face. Dark eyes sparkle.

"Until when I must to do good?" She said.

"Indefinitely," I replied short.

"How long?" She said with an almost similar question.

"Forever," I replied in the same tone.

"I'm disappointed. Courtesy is not reciprocated, good not remembered."

"By whom?" Ask me.

"My husband and children," She said bluntly.

"Every good deed will rewarded for sure, InsyaAllah" said I slowly.

"Is it true?"

"Yes. Sure. God certainly repay the kindness even as small as particles. That is the promise of God in the Qur'an. Even if your children and your husband does not respond, He certainly responded. Not in the Hereafter, certainly in the world. Or both. "

"If everything rewarded in the afterlife it is not an easy task, right teacher (ustaz)?"

"That faith madam. Believe in God. Believe in Hereafter. God certainly repay the kindness that we do in the hereafter. "

"Is it worth it if only all the good rewarded in the afterlife?"

"It's worth it. In the afterlife, God will reward for every good deed we do and it is better and more lasting. In fact, according to the scholars, if we see multiple benefits that we will enjoy in the afterlife, we would ask that all we have made ​​good in the world will only rewarded in the afterlife. It doesn't matter if we were not be repaid in the world. "

"I'm tired teacher," she said bluntly.

"Making good was exhausting but the rewards are enormous."

"How to do good without feeling tired? I mean, not only tired body but the soul weary teacher? "

"Do it for love and affection, do it because of the love of God," I repeated.

"So I'm tired of doing good for this because expect love from my husband? Because expect love from the kids. "

I nodded slowly. If we do for human beings, expect gain something from them, there's people who will disappoint us. Do not hunt human love. But search for Allah loves, and it would let the follow for human love. That whisper my heart. At that time also I immediately remembered a hadith that I met a long time ago. From Abu Hurairah, the Prophet said, which means: "If Allah loves a servant, He calls Gabriel," Indeed Allah loves that person, so please love it. "Gabriel been loved, and Gabriel urged the people of the sky," Allah loves that person, so please love it. "so the heavens love him, then it gained acceptance in the world."

"But Ustaz, I'm not a good person."

"Madam, we do good not because we have become good people, but that's our effort to be good."

"So Ustaz?"

"Go ahead do well to be a good person." I replied.

"Why our husbands disappoint us?"

"That's a difficult question to answer. The heart of the people is unpredictable. Sometimes we do good, good rewarded. Sometimes we do well but rewarded other hand. Do not rely on people, or we will be disappointed. "

"But Ustaz, her heart was still hoping for something."

"There's no offenses on hope. Yet we are called to pray for getting a good husband. But do not rely solely on the husband to be happy. Rely on God. If the husband turned, God does not. God is always waiting for Him faithful servants to be loved. "

I once wrote about the 'hierarchy' of love. Do not mistakenly put the priority of love. In a major love of the wife is her God, seconds is the Prophet Muhammad, then afterwards her husband's. But now most of the women put the husband as love number one, two and three. As a result, when the husband changed love, all her life considered destroyed. Though she actually still have hope. Love number one and two are always there. always, forever!

The middle-aged wife were pensive. I'm sure his mind began to think, hearts and feelings begin to evaluate and reflect.

"Is there really no people who loves you, madam?" i'm trying to teased her rather long silence.

"Er, a lot of them. My parents are very fond of me. So does my siblings. They have always been on the side of the good and bad times. "

"It also shows that what have you done good in the world has responded. Madam, if you have lost your husband loves, however the love of the parents is still there. Just sometimes we forget. As a result, there is rarely thanked favors, favors that doesn't seen are often people to worry about. Love that was there, we forgotten. Love that does not ever exist that we hunted relentlessly.

"Oh, I forgot. I forgot advantage of my self, ustaz. I just focus on what is not in there. That's why I rarely grateful. "

"In fact, what you already have actually improved and better. Suppose, you are unable get rewards in this world, God willing you may be rewarded in the afterlife. Hereafter is better and everlasting. You are not getting love from your husband madam, but get love of the God. Would not it be good and more valuable? "

"If you can."

"Do not be pessimistic. Thought the good thing madam. God do according to His servants thought. If we thought well, God would give better. "

"I'm not qualified to say that I'm already sincerely myself, Ustaz."

"Anyone will not eligible to claim his sincerity. Sincerity is the secret in the mystery of God. But when asked, are you an honest? You should say with certainty, I was desperately trying to sincerely! "

"People who are trying to sincerely were not happy, ustaz?"

"The sincere way, there is excitement along the way, not just down the road," I said.

"So if I am not happy ustaz?"

"Maybe because you have stop walking ma'am!"

I smiled. Remembered a phrase that was gives aspirations as myself were had the same feeling: Although it is on the right path, but when we stop running, we are hit from behind. Yes, life is like riding a bicycle, as long as you were not stop pedaling there will always moving and we will not fall. Doing good is a forever job, and it is INDIFINITELY.

This story taken from some of my brothers blog. The original story was written in Bahasa Malaysia. This story was translated to English by me. To see the original post, you can access here.
"the good of the grace of God"

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