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07 June 2013

When solicitation not fulfilled


Greetings to all, happy friday.
I hope that we continue to stay steadfast in
'alter our-self to be better'

Quran 93:11

As to thy Lord,then shalt thou rehearse (and reveal) as a thank Him.

if there is a desire or dream,
but Allah not answered immediately ,

we should not questioned and judge.

is better for us to be grateful,
because Allah didn't punish and doom us immediately,
for every sin that we have done for life ..

Allah is the Most Merciful and Oft-Forgiving.

sometimes we get too worried at the result and outcome,
up forgotten that Allah already take care of it.

May Allah bless us.
InsyaAllah. ameen Allahumma ameen.

the original post is in Bahasa Malaysia, this post translated by me. visit the original post here

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