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11 June 2013

#2 Lessons from the true story - Maneuvering with shalawat


All of a sudden, BOOM!, My car was hit from behind. I had to stop at the intersection of a circle. A Malay man out of a luxury car. I guess he was just a driver. There was a master who sat on the left rear. Also a Malay guy.

"Assalamualaikum. Allah humma Salli ala Muhammad ... "said the driver repeatedly while reaching for a shake.

I said Wa'alaikumsalam and then continue shaking hands.

"We just finished the easy way. We are Muslims. "

"Yes. Yes, "I replied while watched my car damage. The luxury car he was driving is not broken anything but my car was a mess. I'm counting, if shipped the damage car to the store no less than rm 500.

"Yes, we make it easy. We only forgive. Just forget it. Furthermore I'm inadvertent. "

"But you violated from behind. This is a negligence. After all, I have my car repair cost for this. "

"Alllhahumma Salli ala Muhammad ... we just forgive."

"Yes. But you must be responsible ... "

The driver went to see his master who was not even out of the car since the accident. Busy reading the newspaper. Yes, he's a high rank person.

"Here sir, take this card and on the phone we deal then. We are the one who fault, God willing we settle it later. Do not forget to call this number ok, "while giving paper that already wrote number phone on it .

By the belief and do not want to inconvenient cars that are lined up behind me, I just receive the paper and passed immediately.

One day, two days, three days and up to a week ... I telephoned the number provided. But there was no answer. Only once there is sound and I stumble upon a rough voice with a foreign language. No more shalawat!

Original story was written in Bahasa Malaysia. You can visit the original story website in link given.This story translated by me.

Original post at : http:/maisurah-mazhar.blogspot.com Fight-oh OH! (^_^)