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13 July 2013

The concept of relationship with Allah & Relationships among human (episode 2)

"In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful" 
Allahumma Solli 'Ala Saiyidina Muhamad, wa'ala Aali Saiyidina Muhamad. 


Hablumminallah and Hablumminannas. Man's relationship with Allah (hablumminallah) and human relationships with other humans (hablumminannas).

'Hablun' means rope - there are some opinions about its meaning. Among them is the meaning refers to:

  • Assemblies of Allah
  • Islam
  • Our agreement with Allah
  • The Quran

Allah forbid human fragmented. In summary, the above verses (Refer Surah Ali-Imran, verse 102-104) describe our relationship with:
  • Allah - through faith and worship
  • Other people - do not split
Q: What is the purpose of man's relationship with Allah?
A: Allah is our creator and we are his servants. Therefore, we must obey the commands of Allah and leave the evil.

Q: What is the purpose of man's relationship to man?
A: There are people who keep a good relationship with Allah, but ignore the relationship with other human beings. This is not enough. In Surah Al-Hujurat, noted that people living brothers and sisters. We were also given the responsibility of preaching and this requires interaction with other people. Allah asked us to help in the good and not the bad things.

Q: How to get connected with Allah?
A: He also has His line of 24434 J. That is the prayer. This shows that to connect with Allah through prayer, we should always pray to Allah. Today, people have a problem but do not want to refer to Allah. Prophet Muhammad, although "maksum" never forget to complain and groan on Allah. We need to remember that in any case, we have Allah, our creator. Therefore, care our prayer, care with our 'aurat'. Do not believe a shaman, charms, etc. to get connected with God.

Q: What are the advantages in relation to the Allah?
A: There are numerous - among which; Allah pleased with us, Allah gave grace, peace in the chest. Rich people in any way will not be able to buy peace.

Q: What is the effect out of touch with Allah?
A: There is a story of a child whose father was 80 years old but refused to pray because it is assumed without  the prayer, even himself healthy and in numerous property. People who continue to sin, his heart will be filled black dots and is becoming increasingly hard. This is what Allah have said that their hearts will be plugged, welded from Allah guidance. These people will get the wrath of God. Although he got a real world, but in the Hereafter he will be accountable for its misdeeds and sins.

Q: What is the importance of human relationships with other humans?
A: This is the command of Allah. Each of us has a right to other people - for example, family rights, neighboring rights, community rights and others. Relationship with humans is also a way for us to gain Allah's paradise. People who worship only but in bad manners with jealousy towards other people, severing ties etc, then all the reward of worship will disappear.

Q: What is the best way to face the wicked tongue?
A: The Prophet mentioned that one of the reasons people go to hell is the tongue. Therefore, the Prophet tells us control the tongue and Allah commands that we increase the patient.

Q: Is the pious (refer to "warak") means - sitting alone and do not get along with others?
A: No. Pious meaning is to comply with the order of Allah and the relation with Allah and with mankind. The pious example is Imam Nawawi. At some time during in the village, there are people selling fruit from the land endowment. Therefore, he left from eating the fruit because the source is not clear either which is not from the endowment lands.

Let us practice good :) Things are not good hope to be forgiven and ask reprimand. If Allah wills it (insyaAllah) 

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